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Paid for and approved by Barbara Cady, Democrat for FL House District 42

Coal Ash 

The State of Florida is the 8th in the nation for coal ash production.



"Coal ash is the by product of the combustion of coal at power plants run by electric companies. Although the Environmental Protection Agency classified the material as non-hazardous in 2014, the EPA website notes that coal ash contains contaminants like mercury, cadmium and arsenic that - without proper management – can pollute waterways, ground water, drinking water and the air."

"More than half a billion pounds of coal ash is set to get dumped in Osceola County this year. It’s being shipped from Puerto Rico, where repeated citizen protests over coal ash disposal methods spurred the passage of a 2017 law barring any ash dumping at island landfills." 

"... 650 million pounds total, said Osceola County officials. That’s the rough equivalent of 2,708 train car loads or 59,090 elephants. Osceola County receives $2 per ton to host out-of-state debris, meaning local government stands to make between $130,000 and $650,000 from Waste Connections with this deal, depending on the number of ships imported."

Please find more information in these articles by Rachel Christian. It is important to note that Ms. Christian has apparently been let go from her position at this paper. We are unclear as to why but the timing insinuates that it has something to do with her reporting on this issue.



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